Frequently Asked Questions - Physical Therapy

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* Do I need a physician referral to start physical therapy?

No. Ohio and Florida allow direct access to physical therapy services.

If you have muscle or joint pain and would like to see a physical therapist for quick relief, call (513) 420-9999 and ask for a same day appointment.

* How much will physical therapy cost?

The cost of physical therapy care will depend on the kind of services you need and the length of each treatment. We have self pay options starting as low as $50 per week or you may choose to use your health insurance coverage to pay for each treatment. Our insurance experts are happy to email you a FREE detailed report summarizing your insurance coverage and any cost you may have before starting physical therapy.

* How long will I need physical therapy?

Each person is different and the length of treatment will vary from as little as one treatment to fix your pain and teach you what to do at home, to as many as is needed to rehabilitate your injury and return you to doing the things you enjoy.

* Can I do my physical therapy at home?

Once you have received a physical therapy evaluation, your physical therapist will develop a treatment plan that includes everything you can do at home to complete your recovery.