Frequently Asked Questions - Massage Therapy

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* Should I see a massage therapist or physical therapist for my condition?
All clients with joint or muscle pain will have a full evaluation with either a physical therapist and/or massage therapist to develop the best possible treatment plan.
* What should I wear to my massage treatment?
We recommend you wear clothing that allows you to be comfortable and move freely. You will have access to a private room for dressing or changing. Please remember that you are encouraged to stay full clothed or undress to the level of your comfort.
* Can I schedule my massage online?

Yes! Now we offer online scheduling and payment for all massage treatments. Please click on the button below to schedule your massage.

* Will my insurance pay for massage?

Every insurance policy is different, sildenafil but many more plans are covering the cost of massage therapy for the treatment of an injury. Please contact our insurance experts for a FREE detailed report explaining your insurance coverage and policy guidelines.